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I think there was a huge mistake in the whole social media. This post is dedicated to all the people who only see the first side of the coin, those who only watch the BBC or CNN and their opinions are based on these channels, those who are saying “Free Palestine” without actually knowing what’s really going on in Israel right now. I’d like to see you live in Israel for only one minute, listen to the sirens, go to a shelter and then saying again “free Palestine” or “free Gaza”.Did you know that Hamas has been bombing Israel for years? They have been sending rockets to our country, they have been kidnapping children, doing terror attacks. etc. While the IDF protects their citizens, the Hamas is using their citizens. The IDF only protects us. Really, put yourself in this situation. What would happen if your country was bombed by another country? Would your country do nothing, or would it protect their citizens? How the Hamas uses their citizens? they hide weapons under children’s beds, in hospitals and houses, and when the IDF tell the people in Gaza to run away and find a place to hide, and they say it in Arabic, for them to understand, Hamas forces them to go up on their houses’ roofs. The IDF plays these sirens when a rocket is coming and people know they have to hide and go to a shelter, while Hamas is using their citizens and uses them as human shields. Why do you cry for the children in Gaza right now? The Israeli soldiers don’t kill them. Where were you when Hamas has been forcing families to use their children and to go and kill Jews? and by killing Jews they also have to kill themselves. A suicide bomber, have you heard about it? It’s a terrorist who throws a grenade and he dies with all the people who around him. And if the family resists, the Hamas will kill them all. And what about the children in Sderot or Ashdod or Ashkelon? They have been suffering from all these rockets for years, don’t you care about them too? By the way, Israel also provides Gaza water and electricity, while Hamas provides them nothing but death. And how can you say Free Palestine? Free from what? Saying Palestine means you’re denying Israel. Do you want to pray for Gaza? Then pray for it to be free from the Hamas, because our soldiers, our Israeli soldiers only try to help the citizens from Gaza. Don’t listen to the BBC or CNN, because they don’t show one true thing. Read more about the Hamas online and see that the only terrorist here are them. http://idfonline.tumblr.com/https://www.facebook.com/idfonlinePLEASE,LET’S MAKE A CHANGE AND BAN THE TERROR ORGANIZATION THAT’S CALLED HAMAS. BECAUSE THEY HURT THE RIGHTS OF THEIR CITIZENS AND THEY HURT ISRAEL.IF IT DOESN’T STOP RIGHT NOW, I DONT KNOW WHEN IT WILL.
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200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

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How can you talk to your enemy, who kills his own people, who uses them as a human shield?

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Self-Portrait. 28/6/2014.
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